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○ The 33rd Ningbo Examination Promotion Exam was successfully concluded
○ 2019.12.20-2019.12.22 Ningbo Boyi Children's Battle for Kunshan
○ 2019.12.26 The 2nd Annual Conference of China Alliance was held at Ningbo Haiju Hotel
○ The National College Students “Harukagawa Cup” ended successfully in 2019
○ Fighting School Bullying to the End
○ Let's talk about the benefits of learning Taekwondo together!
○ Ningbo Boyi International Taekwondo Camel Branch 2nd Anniversary Store Celebration
○ Ningbo Boyi was invited to participate in the National College Students' Qingchuan Cup ITF Taekwondo Competition
○ Double 11 event
○ 2019 China ITF National Taekwondo successfully concluded, congratulations to Ningbo Boyi Pavilion for achieving 51 gold, 73 silver and 147 copper
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